Chowk Bdr Adhikari (Nabin)

Mr. Chok Bhahadur Adhikari (Nabin) could be a skilled commercial enterprise knowledgeable Trekking Guide and Tour Leader Since 2002 and Also Trekking Guide Trained Nepal Government license holder. Now Self Running Journey Nepal Adventure Trekking Agency in Nepal, Chok could be a native Nepali, was born and raised within the middle North West region of Nepal’s range of mountains & began his career in commercial enterprise twenty years past to the present day. His hard-earned expertise has garnered several accolades for the corporate & he has trekked the length & breadth of the range of mountains, escorting his shoppers from around the world to a number of Nepal’s most noted Himalayan destinations. Mr. Chok could be a gentleman Journey Nepal Adventure agency takes abundant pleasure in the exotic great thing about his country & enjoys to the handgrip what he will.

His early begin began as a trekking guide at a really early stage in life as a young adult with intensive information of the geographic of the land he lead whereas providing key services to globetrotters from around the world; Chok was presently elevated to a senior position of chief guide throughout a brief amount of your time for his deep love of journey commercial enterprise and nearly enjoying the work he has become therefore accepted