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Helicopter Tour is an opportunity to explore the geographical territories of Nepal. It is the pioneer for the helicopter sightseeing tour in Nepal’s Himalaya. This tour is one of the best available options who have limited time to get so close to the glistering mountains. A Nepal helicopter tours are exciting and delightful trip above the green hills, high mountains, and Himalayan and offer a variety of helicopter tour programs suitable for all interested in different proposes. The best tour in Nepal for the one can be found by the looking at the one’s preferences over the features offered by the tour. You can tour on appealing trails set on wonderful environments of lush trees, forest and flora and fauna from the widow of the helicopter. It is best for those who have limited time but it’s great for everyone else if you are looking for luxurious and at the same time thrilling experience.

Helicopter Tour in Nepal will get an opportunity to see the world’s highest mountain. The best tour in Nepal for the one can be found by the looking at the one’s preferences over the features offered by the tour. We will enjoy our breakfast and save the memories is a still shot. This mountain flight journey in the sky will reward you with breathtaking portraits of the Himalayans. If you are looking for the perfect Himalayan holidays, either it is the tour, trekking or peak climbing then we Journey Nepal Adventure heartily well come to all of you in our beautiful country Nepal which is very much rich in its natural beauty. All the season for touring in this valley is very much suitable. There are many things to do in Nepal and from them one is trekking. Many foreigners come here to see the world’s eight highest mountain which lies in Nepal. The views of the tall mountains and Himalaya massifs are gorgeous to look at and are breathtaking.

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    My review is a long overdue one and it is specifically related to Santosh Adhikari. As the saying goes, better late than never. I met Santosh in November 2017 when…

  • Name : Mike Forshaw

    Nabin guided us to EBC in March 2014, a very experienced, careful and knowledgeable person. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

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