it is safe Travel to Nepal in 2021 During Covid 19

Everest Base Camp

Nepal is an independent state wedge between India and Tibet, and occupies a parallelogram 450 miles long and 150 miles wide, running almost east and west. Clinging on the north to the Himalayas at the highest point, it slopes down at the south onto the flat field of the Tarai region.
lost of Adventure seekers have the desire to enjoy Nepal mountain view. But the Covid 19 pandemic made all the trip is canceled. Corona Virus pandemic has badly affected Nepal’s tourism industry.
Due to the Conara from 2020 March until October 17 all Nepal trekking routes such as Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp, Manasalu, etc.. are close to inter. in this period more than 3 million people lost their job and hard to Survive in daily life.
So Ministers held at Prime Minister’s residence October 17 approved a proposal presented by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to allow foreign tourists who get tested negative for Coronavirus 72 hours before departing their home country to visit Nepal to stay seven days at hotel quarantine. The good news is the world most of the country has successfully produced the Covid 19 vacation. January 21 Nepal also got one million doses of vaccine against the Covid, help from India.
it is such a good thing in every sector in Nepal, most of the hope in the tourism sector.

what is the Covid 19 situation in Nepal?

Nepal has every day the Covid 19 case is decreasing. here people back to normal life by following Covid 19 protocol. at present, there are 190 people in various facilities across the country. The number of active cases in Nepal 3764. in one day, more than 500 people recovered and discharge from Hospital and quarantine. January 21 Nepal also got one million doses of vaccine against the Covid, help from India.

How many Tourists visit Nepal during Covid Pandemic?

Nepal is such a variety of travel options, there are certain risks associated with exploring different prospects around the Country.
when traveling to a new environment in foreign countries like Nepal, who is travel and Adventure seeker without going Nepal they don’t sleep the whole night.

Earlier in the Autumn, a team of mountaineers from Bahrain loyal family members was special permission to scale Mount Labuche(6119m) and Mount Manaslu(8156m). They were made to follow all the new rules place by the government and reported no problem to expedition and trekking in Himalaya during Covid. The prospect of trekkers and mountaineers returning to Nepal has been a welcome piece of news for the Nepal tourism Industry.
A total of 220000 foreign visitors arrived in the Country until the end of December this year for different aims and activities. on a recent day Tourist hub of Thamel and most of the Trekking routes, Hotel, restaurants, Trekking shops are opened.

Covid 19 tourist travel requirement and protocol for Nepal

as per the information of the Nepal Tourism minister, all foreign tourists visiting Nepal for Trekking and mountaineering must follow this term and conditions.

1: All foreign tourists must be issued a visa before arrived in Nepal

In this case of a country where prior visa provisions for Nepal are not currently available, expedition teams or trekkers shall coordinate with their Travel and agency based in Nepal for the arrangement prior to entering Nepal. The Journey Nepal Adventure fully helps to Visa approval.

2: Negative reports of PCR Test taken within 72 hours before arrival.

Tourists are required to take a Covid 19 test before leaving their home country. visa or prior approval document for entry to Nepal and stay for a week in quarantine at a hotel in Kathmandu. then take another Covid 19 PCR test before being allowed to trekking.

3: Covid 19 Insurance

every tourist must have done at least five thousand us dollars against Covid 19 insurance per person before arriving in Nepal. most have to show at immigration. This is the most important for apply Nepal Visa.

4: seven days Hotel quarantine

after entering Nepal, tourists shall stay in hotel quarantine for a minimum of 7 days.

5: Covid 19 Test requirement in Nepal

Tourists shall be required to take a PCR test on the fifth day of hotel quarantine at their own expense. The Covid 19 PCR test cost around 40USD at hotel doctor service and shall be allowed to proceed for trekking and expedition on the Negative PCR test. journey Nepal Adventure provides all services for that thing.

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Mountain Yak

Annapurna Circuit trek

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