How feet do you need to go Everest Base Camp?

How feet do you need to go Everest Base Camp?

Everest base camp trekking is one of the prominent and awe-inspiring trekking destinations for those trekkers seeking adventure. The trekking route goes through the alpine forest, through villages, rivers and streams, and the villages of the Sherpa people. Mostly we can see Sherpa people on this route because Sherpa’s are the local inhabitant of this route. And most of the people of this region are influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. It is a super adventure full of enjoyable and exciting moments from the beginning to the end on this marvellous adventurous journey which is attracting trekkers from all over the world. Trekkers who love to trek must also be interesting to know how long the Everest Base Camp Trek. This is a short landing strip built at a steep grade to show the Planes down quickly and this is why the entire climbing period takes a long time to reach the top. Any treks which claim do so at risk and despite the relatively short distance overall. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, the travelers to the region can experience the unique culture of the Sherpa people and also visiting monasteries and museums on the way.

Everest base camp trekking leads to different landscapes, green pine forest, pure nature, and splendid views of many giants peaks to the world’s highest mountains. With the wonderful views from the monastery area with all this natural beauty, it is easy to see why the biggest monastery in the Khumbu region. While doing trekking in this route, we will enter the Sagarmatha national park which is also known as the home of the many rare birds, animals, flora, and fauna. And without a trekking permit card, we can’t enter the area because this area is restricted by the government. Most of the climbers start their journey from base camp after March and they start arriving at the base camp in late March and the base camp is around 5300 meters and it stands at the foot of the icefalls. The steep grade is needed because if you don’t and you are going to straight into a mountain. There is a reason the journey to the base camp one is stretched over 12 days and that is mainly due to the steep rise of altitude. It is a perfect place for the departed soul in this remote icy cold valley in the Himalayas, as mountains are the spiritual home of adventurous human beings.

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