The first Successful winter submit k2,Nepeli team

Nepali team winter k2 submit

first Nepali team to summit K2 in winter
K2 located at the border of China and Pakistan, The second highest mountain in the world K2(8611m) also know as Chhogori, Savage mountain due to the extreme difficulty to accent to the top. It is a very strenuous and tough climb. It is 10x less climbed and highly technical compared to Mount Everest. Only those who dare to conquer the Savage mountain will be remembered in the book history.
The first accent of k2 was completed by an Italian expedition team which was lead by Mr. Ardito Desiofinally. His team Mr line Lacedelli and Mr. Acille’s companion successfully ascended to the summit of k2(28,251ft) via the Abruzzi Spur Climbing route on July 31, 1954. Its allure arises from the combination of its isolation, weather extreme, great altitude, and technical climbing demands.

Among 14 peaks above 8000m in the world,k2 remained the only unclimbed mountain in the winter season, But Nepali climbers have made Nepal
and the world mountaineering fraternity proud by successfully scaling the savage mountain in the winter season.
Ten Sherpa, prominent among them Nirmal Purja(Nims Dai), a former Gurkha and UK special forces member who had previously claimed all 8000 meters plus peak in just over six months and achieved old records. They summit k2 in Pakistan on Saturday.
They left their high camp at 1 am for their summit attempt via the Abruzzi Spur in temperatures as cold as -40C but low wind and In brilliant sunshine.
Mount K2
Mount K2
The team finally reached the summit at 5 pm local time, waiting until they were all assembled before singing the Nepal National Anthem.
Nirmal Purja(Nims dai) where after summiting the peak” A very special moment.
The whole team waited for 10m below the summit to form a group then stepped onto the summit together whilst singing our Nepali National Anthem.
We are proud to have been a part of history for humankind and show that collaboration, teamwork, and a positive mental attitude can push limits to what feel might be possible “.Another professional mount climber Minga said( as Nepal is home to eight of 14 peaks above 8000m, the first ascent recorded for all these peaks goes to foreign climbers. So I have decided to take a challenge on k2 this season to attempt to have Nepali climbers on the list of the first ascent.
Nims Dai
Legendary climber Nims Dai
A winter ascent of the 8,611-metre K2 had been considered by many to be an impossible task due to the inclement weather conditions. Attempts on K2 are normally made in July or August, during the warmest periods – and only 280 people have reached its summit in comparison with 3,681 who have made it to the top of Everest. Climbers have been interested in climbing K2 in winter since the mid-1980s, not long after the first winter ascent of Everest.
K2 also considered being a technically very difficult mountain to climb and has been dubbed (killer mountain) for the sheer number of climbers that have lost their lives on the mountain.
Eighty-four climbers have died of attempting to climb k2, and only 306 have reached the summit, giving it a fatality success ratio of roughly one death for every three summits.
Thanks a lot, respect and proud feel of all over the world.
Summit team members include
1: Normal purja(Nims dai)
2:Minga David Sherpa
3:Minga Tenzi Sherpa
4: Gelzin Sherpa
5: Pem Chiri Sherpa
6: Dawa Temba Sherpa
7: Minga G
8: Dawa Tenjin Sherpa
9: Kilu Pemba Sherpa
10: Sonu Sherpa.

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