Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang Region is considered as the most popular trekking route which is located north of the Kathmandu valley. It is the nearest trekking trails of Nepal from the Kathmandu valley. Trekking in this valley takes you across less crowded hiking trails across this beautiful land not very far from the Kathmandu valley. This region trek has all the features and attractions that any world-class trekking trail commands. In this route, we will enjoy the snow-capped peaks, a mild climate, and friendly hospitality inhabitants which make it ideal trekking route of Nepal. Trekking through its forests and among the villages and farmland of its people, many of who are of Tibetan origin. The scenery of this region is spectacular, and the treks are more adventurous as the area is visited by a few numbers of tourists. There is no flight service like another trekking region. The diverse animated birds are more easily seen as they often congregate in large raucous foraging parties.

Langtang Region is another popular trekking route in Nepal. Its flourishing alpine vegetations and dense forests of rhododendrons and oaks is a prime habitat from many elusive and rare wild animals including red panda and snow leopards. This trek offers a wonderful combination of landscape rare wildlife and varied floral diversities. During the time of the trek you will be walking through the National park, where the wildlife is never easy to spot in a forest setting, there are chances of seeing some interesting animals and birds. In this route, we get many Buddhist people on this route. Most of the people from this region are depending on farming and some are in tourism like the runner of lodges. This region is also known as the home of the 100 species of plants and many wild animals and birds including snow leopard, rare Himalayan wildlife black bear, and 250 species of birds. The season between spring and autumn is considered as the best season for trekking in this route.