Easy, Short and Beautiful scenery trekking for Beginner Trekkers

Langtang Trekking

Nepal the densely populated capital of Nepal with a gorgeous Himalayan backdrop is the Gateway to the highest peak of the World Mount Everest.
NEPAL is beyond Sherpa and the Highest Scaled of the Himalayas Range. Nepal is always a paradise for Trekkers.
Nepal( Once is not enough) because in one trip can’t finish what you actually want, so you should return another time.

In the world, Nepal is very famous for Trekking, hiking, and mountaineering.
Specially Trekking is more successful if participants are prepared and have an idea of what to expect, be prepared to be flexible,
and make the best of all circumstances. Nepal trekking is essentially hiking extended routes that generally have facilities for room and board.
During your Nepal trek spend a night in the well-furnished hotel, Simple Lodge, the camp of homestay of local people.
In Nepal trekking is usually walking on the hill to reach destinations.
The trekking route is sometimes you will get a good route and sometimes all the up and down.
Walking in the forest with bird sound, follow the river and view of the waterfall.
Gokyo lake trek
                                       Amazing view from Gokyo Ri
Nepal has many more trekking routes, nobody can do in their whole life. Some trekking route is short and easy and some are very long and hard.
Nowadays most of the tourists like to go Short, easy and beautiful scenery trekking route because they have a get short vacation.
You know Nepal Adventure trekking needs some of the physical strength, mental preparation, and fast adaptability to absorb the extreme environment of high altitude.
Here is some physical fitness guide, you have to follow before coming to Nepal for trekking.
• Jogging Help for slow and long hiking
•Skipping prepare for the downhill
• Give more to Squats gym time for strong legs
•stair climb for Trekking in Nepal
• keep hiking in your own country mountain
• half-hour Running in a day.
• Yoga is the very best exercise for everything, not even trekking
• Stretching properly before and after your workout.

Nepal has numerous easy and short trekking demands for beginners and family trekkers.
these trekking are any type of travelers easily can do without any risk.
These short and easy trekking offers a beautiful Himalaya range, Himalaya local culture, flora, and fauna.

Here is a list of Short and beautiful scenery trekking

1: Panoramic Annapurna Century trek(ABC)

Annapurna Base Camp
                                               Amazing View From ABC
Duration: 6 days
Max Elevation: ABC(4130m)
Difficulty level: Easy

Annapurna base camp trek is a very famous trekking trail in Nepal which thousands of trekkers trekking every year. The Annapurna region in the area north of Pokhara has traditionally been the most popular with trekkers, sometimes seeing over 80,000 trekkers a year. The Annapurna conservation area is 2946Mi² with Beautiful Annapurna region scenery like the World 9th highest mountain Annapurna one(8091m), Annapurna south (7200m), One of the beautiful mountain Fishtail(6900m) as spectacular as anywhere during ABC trek. The final destination is ABC easily get after 3 days of hiking from Pokhara. From here you feel like you are in heaven with the beautiful sunset and sunshine view. The most beautiful mountain Fishtail and Annapurna one always smiling in front of you. You just need little stamina for this trekking. This trek we can do in one week.
Trekking itinerary
Day1: Drive to Kande and trekking to Chhomrom: 2 hours drive, 3-hour trek( 2200m)
Day2: Trekking to Himalaya: 5-hour trekking( 2900m)
Day3: Trekking to ABC: 6-hour trek( 4130m)
Day4: Trekking back to Bamboo: 5 hour( 2400m)
Day5: Trekking back to Jhinu(hot spring): 4-hour trek (1900m)
Day6: Trekking to Matkyu and Drive back to Pokhara: 2 hours trek, 3 hour Drive)

2: Magnificent Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal
                                        Mount Fishtail view From Mardi Himal

Trekking duration: 6 days
Max Elevation: 4500m
Difficulty level: easy

Mardi Himal trekking is a very famous and popular trekking route nowadays. Mardi Himal trek interested and easy trek in the Annapurna region.
The trekking usually starting palace are at Phedi and Kande both on the road on Nayapul. Every day the trekking passes through Nepal’s national flower Rhododendron forest. Every day has a chance to explore the most beautiful Panoramic view of the Fishtail, Annapurna, Himchuli, Annapurna south, and Mardi Himal. This trek offers spectacular sunrise and sunset views Every morning and night from your Hotel Room. During your trek, you will get Mountain yak with delicious Himalaya Cheese. You can make this Mardi Himal trek the whole year, specifically during the Spring season( March to May) bloom Rhododendron, and Snow trek. While Autumn season clear view of the Annapurna region under a blue sky. This trek also no need a lot of stimulation. Everybody can do children to an old man.
Trekking itinerary
Day1: Drive Kande and trek Deurali 2100m
Day2: low camp 2900m
Day3: High camp 3500m
Day4: upper viewpoint 4200m and back to a Rest camp
Day5: Rest camp to Australian camp
Day6: Australian camp to Pokhara

3: Great view Poonhill Trekking
Ghorepani poonhill Trekking

                          Amazing Mount Dhawalagiri view from Poonhill
Duration: 4 days
Max elevation: 3200m
Difficulty level: Easy
Hopefully, in the world, Poonhil is a very famous and popular trekking in Nepal. Poonhill trek is perfectly suitable for beginners and family. The Ghorepani Poonhill trek is one of the most enchanting in nature and boasts a beautiful Annapurna region view. The Ghorepani Poonhill trek offers many interesting Gurung and Magar( Gorkha regiments) local culture and lifestyle, the most beautiful stunning view of World 7th highest mountain Dhawalagiri, Annapurna, fishtail, Annapurna South, Himchuli, and many more mountains. The trek is just 4 days and easy to get a destination with little stamina. in this trek, Poonhill tower is the main attraction to see in the morning sunrise view and the golden mountain of Dhawalagiri and Annapurna mountain range.
Trekking itinerary
Day1: Drive to Nayapul and trekking to Ghorepani: 2 hours Drive, 3-hour trek(1500m)
Day2: Trekking to Ghorepani: 6-hour trek(2800m)
Day3: Trek to Poonhill and Tadapani: 8-hour trek( 3200m)
Day4: Trekking to Ghandruk and Drive back to Pokhara: 3-hour trekking, 3 hour Drive

4: Amazing Everest view hotel Trek

Everest view
                              Mount Everest view from Everest view hotel
Duration: 5 days
Max elevation: 3880m
Difficult: easy
Everest view hotel trekking is the most interesting and popular trekking destination in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The trekking commands a spectacular view of the world’s highest peak Mount Everest(8848.86m). This trek is one of the highlights of this easy for who those wish to see Mount Everest view without going to Base camp. This trekking offers many think-to trek such as the world’s most daring flight to Lukla, Beautiful mountain city Namche, Sherpa locals culture and lifestyle, Mountain yak, and View of Mount Everest.
Everest view hotel is one of the highest elevations of luxury hotels in the world. In the morning you have seen a golden view of mount Everest from your bed.
Trekking itinerary
Day1: Flights to Lukla and trekking to Phakding: half-hour flights, 5-hour trekking (2600m)
Day2: Trekking to Namche: 6-hour trekking(3400m)
Day3: Trekking to Everest view hotel: 4 hours (3800m)
Day4: Back to Namche (3-hour trek)
Day 5: Back to Lukla

5:Langtang valley trekking

Langtang Trekking                               Beautiful snow view at Kanji Gumpa
Trek Duration: 6 days
Max elevation: 4200m
Difficulty: moderate
Langtang is a popular trekking region most accessible to Kathmandu north of the capital city. This trekking area is the third most popular magnet for trekkers of the three premier venues. Langtang national park contains a wide range of habitats from subtropical to alpine, this national park is very famous for wild animals and such a word as rare animal Red panda.
The trek is less crowded, easy, and just a little stamina is enough to reach destinations.
This trekking offers a beautiful forest trail, yak pasture, high alpine meadows, ancient Buddhist monasteries, local Tamang culture, and lifestyle. You will be helping support the local people who have been working hard to rebuild in the valley following the devastating 2015 earthquake.
Trekking itinerary
Day1: Trek From Syabrubesi to Lama-Hotel: 6-hour trek (2380m)
Day2: Trek to Langtang: 5-hour trek( 3540m)
Day3: Trek to Kyanjin gompa: 4-hour trek(3870m)
Day4: Trek to Kyanjin RI: 4-hour trek(4200m)
Day5: Trek back to Lama hotel: 6-hour trek
Day6: Trek to Syaprubensi: 5-hour trek

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