Tour in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best destinations to spend holidays. It is a landlocked country with its ancient history and vibrant culture along with the scenic majesty of its beautiful Himalayan. Nepal is also known as the home of the world highest mountain, beautiful scenery and beautiful natural resources. Nepal is the Himalayan country which is located in India and China. During the time of tour in Nepal, you will learn the various cultural aspects of the people, especially Hindus and Buddhist Nepalese community. In Nepal a paradise for having toured in Nepal alongside ancient cities, culture and religious heritages and pilgrimages, which have wonderful, snaps of sunrise and sunset and abundant of mountain vistas. Nepal is bestowed with immense natural and cultural beauties. Nepal is a beautiful country that has lots of attractions, and you can explore and experience them with Escape Himalayan. If you are looking for the perfect Himalayan holidays, either it is the tour, trekking or peak climbing then we Journey Nepal Adventure team heartily well come to all of you in our beautiful country Nepal which is very much rich in its natural beauty.

The tour in Nepal will get an opportunity to see the world’s highest mountain. The best tour in Nepal for the one can be found by the looking at the one’s preferences over the features offered by the tour. You can tour on appealing trails set on wonderful environments of lush trees, forest and flora and fauna. In Nepal, we can see many rare animals which are not found in the world. There are many things to do in Nepal and from them one is trekking. Many foreigners come here to see the world’s eight highest mountain which lies in Nepal. For having toured in Nepal, all the season is very much suitable. The views of the tall mountains and Himalaya massifs are gorgeous to look at and are breathtaking.