How hard Everest Base Camp

How hard Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most famous trekking destinations in the Everest region which is located in the eastern part of Nepal and northeast of Kathmandu valley. At the time of trekking, we will have an opportunity to know about the lifestyle, culture, and traditions of the Sherpa people who are the local inhabitant. Not only that in this base camp trekking, but we will also have an opportunity to see the stunning views of the mountain and beautiful landscapes. We will explore one of the oldest monasteries on this route at the time of trekking. Apart from finance, you will also have to look at geography. Everest region is one of the most beautiful and popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Trekking for everyone is not a cup of tea it is not an easy task for mountaineer and climbers. Not as technically as not might think determination and basic level fitness are the basic requirement for the journey. The trek requires no technical expertise or mountaineering skills which is basically a long hike at altitude. The longtime can often be off-putting to a novice trekker, especially as much of the trek is at high altitude. The views of the Himalayas from the Everest region are almost unparalleled in beauty.

The difficulty of getting to these points in the Everest region depends upon various facts which include weather, preparations, and the amount of distance you cove during the time of trekking, and so on. This trek is indeed challenging for most people and it is not a tourist trek and needs a lot of training and preparations beforehand. Many trekkers succeed whereas a few find the trek as daunting and difficult as Everest itself. It is a perfect place for the departed soul in this remote icy cold valley in the Himalayas, as mountains are the spiritual home of adventurous human beings. This is one of the challenging and dangerous activities which can be done within the area of the Everest Base Camp Route. All trekking days are filled with walking for the sheer pleasure of it which passes through colorful prayer wheels crossing swings bridges straight. These are the various things that determine the difficulty of the Everest region. The weather remains unsuitable as the environment does not remain still and effective for the trek. On the trek to the most difficult path in the world you better know about its challenges which take required precautions and have a safe and enjoyable trek.

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