Tour in Tibet

Tour in Tibet is combines sightseeing with adventure and wildlife activities which have all the Buddhist monks, ancient monasteries, spectacular mountain passes and the mighty Mount Everest. Tibet is one of the most mystical and spiritually holy places on the earth. This place is famous for rivers, including the Yangtze, Yellow, Mekong, and Indus, all flow from this beautiful country. It is the roof of the world is famous for Lhasa city with great potable places and Jhokang monasteries. The palace is as big on natural beauty as it is on spiritually. This is our classic Tibetan journey and a rugged crossing of the Tibetan Plateau. But the tour may differ from the natural and cultural as nature tours will be based in natural and beautiful places of the Tibet. During the time of tour in this route, you will learn the various cultural aspects of the people, especially Hindus and Buddhist Tibetan community. Tibet is bestowed with immense natural and cultural beauties. Tibet is a beautiful country that has lots of attractions, and you can explore and experience them with Escape Himalayan. Traveling to the Tibet is the opportunity of the lifetime, no wonder it scores high on the bucket list of the most traveler.

Tour in Tibet will get an opportunity to see the world’s highest mountain from the Tibet side. This tour starts from the Lhasa valley after one hour fifteen minutes flight from the Kathmandu valley. At the time of this touring, we will visit many beautiful places of this valley. The different types of the tour will make the visitor of the Tibet always entertain as we can view glorious part of the autonomous Tibet. You can tour on appealing trails set on wonderful environments of lush trees, forest and flora and fauna of this place. Monsoon season in Nepal is very much suitable for touring in this route.